Slide Brook Lodge at Sugarbush

Slide Brook Lodge is a wonderful hotel that is close to Sugarbush and Mad River Glen ski resorts in the Mad River Valley. The combination of the comfortable and laid back accomodations, the inexpensive price, and the beautiful tavern are what make Slide Brook such a great hotel. When you are looking for a hotel at Sugarbush, Slide Brook Lodge is the place to stay.

To begin with, Slide Brook Lodge is a "Fun" place to stay while skiing, snowboarding, hiking, etc. at Sugarbush. What this means is that you will probably meet other people that are staying at the hotel and possibly listen to some great music in the tavern while you enjoy some Switchback Ale. When you check in, you will most likely meet Alex, the owner and manager, and talk with other guests about the skiing/riding that you did that day. You can actually meet people in the tavern. The Slide Brook Tavern is a real tavern. That means that it will be open most nights and may be busy on the weekends. So, when you arrive at the hotel with your friends, some people may relax in one of the living rooms and some people may hang out in the bar all night. That leaves everyone the space to do exactly what they feel like doing. Some light food is served in the Tavern and one of the best restaurants in the area (The Common Man) is located directly across the street. This allows for guests to eat and drink and to not worry about driving through the snow at the end of the night. Sugarbush base lodge is one mile from the hotel, so there are several other restaurants such as Chez Henri Bistro and Mutha Stuffa's that are great places to eat!

Upstairs in the hotel, there are a variety of rooms. There are simple hotel rooms with shared bathrooms, two deluxe hotel rooms with private bathrooms and couches and T.V.s, and finally an efficiency apartment on the top floor of the hotel. As mentioned previously, there are two living rooms in the hotel. The hotel's lobby is one of the living rooms and has a leather couch and chairs and a flat screen television. From the hotel lobby, guests may climb a spiral staircase to the hotels official living room. This room has a huge flat screen television, leather couch, etc., and a beautiful half circle window that looks out over the deck and down German Flats road toward Sugarbush Access Road. When guests want to relax or hang out, they usually go to one of the hotel living rooms and lounge around. In the hotel's living rooms and in the hotel's Tavern, guests will meet eachother, discuss the day, and find out information about the snow conditions, etc.

One of the best ways to enjoy this Sugarbush and Mad River Glen hotel is to rent the entire hotel as a group. You can book the entire hotel for one night or for the week. Sugarbush and Mad River Glen are less busy during the week, so you can get wide open runs to yourself. Also, you get a great price savings when you book the entire hotel for the week. Another advantage of booking the entire hotel for your friends or family is that Slide Brook Lodge is a small hotel and not a house. Slide Brook is divided into way more individual hotel rooms than a vacation house. There are also way more beds than a house will have. Something else that may be overlooked, is that as a hotel, Slide Brook Lodge has a total of six bathrooms with showers. This is way more than your average vacation house. Anyone who has been on a family/group vacation, knows that having extra showers and bathrooms is a huge benefit to the enjoyment of the vacation. What is even more important to remember, is that because of the number of bathrooms in a hotel, Slide Brook Lodge is equipped with a powerful hot water system that can handle the extra bathrooms and showers. This means that the hot water will just keep on going and going. This is why a small hotel like Slide Brook is way better than a house!